Children’s Sermon: Love God Like Young David

Children’s Sermon: Love God Like Young David

Love God Like Young King David

Love God Like Young King David

Love God Like Young David

Objective: To encourage children to love God like young David did.

Scripture: “I have found David a man after my own heart; he will do everything I want him to do.” Acts 13:22


  • A photo or replica of David’s slingshot, or any slingshot toy
  • A visual of David and Goliath
  • You may also show an animated video for reinforcement or review at the end (

Transcript:  Love God Like Young David

Hello boys and girls! Today, we’ll be talking about a young boy who loved God and did some pretty cool things for Him. Hold up a photo or an actual slingshot toy. You know what this is, right? (Solicit answers and reactions from the group). Do you know how to use one of this? Do you know there’s one person in the Bible who was really good at using this? Right! It’s David, the shepherd boy!

David was a son of Jesse. He had many brothers. He was the youngest of them and from the looks of it, he was average in size and height. His siblings may have ignored him mostly and thought of him as insignificant. He was left to tend for his father’s sheep while they sought great adventures by joining the king’s army.

Now, being a shepherd boy was not really an interesting and adventurous job even back then. Teens and young lads during those times would have probably found it so boring. Imagine following the sheep around and guiding them back into the group every time they wandered off in the field. Ah. No thanks!

But, young David was different. God called him a man after His own heart. Meaning, he was a man who knew and related with God heart to heart and mind to mind. David used all those time in the open fields in fellowship with God. To fellowship means to spend time with someone and to give love and attention to someone. Did you know that David wrote a big chunk of the songs of Psalms? He spent a lot of time seeking God and singing songs to Him while he was a shepherd and even when he was already king. Yes, God loved, trusted, and was pleased with David’s heart and passion that He promoted him to be king of Israel when he got older!

Well back to the shepherd boy. One day he went to visit his brothers in the army camp. Actually his father set him on an errand to bring provisions and to see how they were doing. And probably like their usual habit before, his older brothers were dismissive of him and irritatingly told him to go on home. He visited on a day where everyone in camp were afraid of the giant Goliath who taunted them daily. No one, not even the king could stand up to him. He was arrogant and rightly boastful of his strength. He made fun of God and felt that not even God can save Israel.

Well, David would have none of that. Even when his brothers had no confidence in him and thought of him as a nuisance; even though he had no experience in battling soldiers (He only battled wild animals in the field); David boldly volunteered to meet this godless man head on and put him in place. This David did because he did not want anyone to badly talk about the God he loved and worshipped.

With only a slingshot and 5 smooth stones in his hand, David gave Israel a great victory that day…That is, David did… in men’s eyes. But David in his heart and from his mouth, declared that God will give him and Israel the victory. And, God certainly did.

Kids, you can be like David right now. Even if you’re still young and can’t imagine doing anything outstanding or significant in this big world, to the God you love you can do heaps. You mean a lot to Him. And you can do much for Him right now. Be his shepherd boy in your family and around your friends. See how you can help the people He placed in your life. See how your good influence can lead some lost friends back to the right path. You can do these and so much more as you love and depend on God to guide and help you.

Be like David. Love God and trust Him to do all that He wants through you!

(optional animated video showing at the end)