Children’s Sermon – Church Family

children's sermon church family

Children’s Sermon – Church Family

Children’s Sermon Church Family

Have the children come to the front of the church. Hand each one a sheet of paper. When the paper is handed out, have the children to tear the paper in half. Ask the children if this was hard?

Give the children several more sheets of paper and ask them to tear these sheets in half. Make sure the children can tear the paper but not with ease. Ask if adding the sheets made the paper more difficult to tear?

Hand out more paper, enough that the children will not be able to tear the paper. Ask the children why they were not able to tear the paper? Make sure at least one reply has to do with the number of sheets each child was asked to tear.

Tell the children that the paper is like a church family. Sometimes standing alone is hard, without help from others we are just like the one piece of paper, easily torn. We will become stronger and with a lot of help from others, it will be impossible for us to be tempted or torn.

This is where a church family becomes so important. The more a church family bonds, the better Christian all of us become. This is bad news for the devil and good news for Jesus.

Have the children stand and look out at the congregation. Tell them that each person they see is a sheet of paper. When we work together with our church family we are like many pieces of paper. We cannot be torn. By acting as a church family we can resist evil and become a stronger Christian.


Dear God, Teach me me be a part of this church congregation where my paper cannot be torn. Amen

Children’s Sermon Church Family

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