Children’s Sermon Daniel 9:9 – Everyone Makes Mistakes

Children's Sermon Daniel 9:9

Children’s Sermon Daniel 9:9 – Everyone Makes Mistakes

Children’s Sermon Daniel 9:9 – Everyone Makes Mistakes

Objective: To remind children that it’s okay to make mistakes, and God forgives.

Scripture: Daniel 9:9 “The Lord our God is merciful and forgiving.”

Materials: None

Story Outline:

Good evening, boys and girls! It’s so nice to see you tonight! Isn’t it a beautiful night! The moon is out, the stars are shining… its dark outside (continue to talk about night time until you are corrected, or correct yourself.)

Wait a minute. What’s that?

Oh of course! It’s not night time! It’s actually morning time! I can’t believe I said that! That was a mistake!

Sometimes I make mistakes, like just now when I said “good evening” instead of “good morning.” That wasn’t such a big mistake, though, was it?

Sometimes, I make much bigger mistakes. I do the wrong thing. In the Bible, God teaches us the very best way to live in the world. He gave us a list of ten things, maybe you have heard of it? The Ten Commandments?

They are a very helpful list of things to help us do the right thing. But this list is not easy. Some of the things God asks us to do, like always tell the truth, be obedient to our parents… some of these can be very hard to do all the time. And sometimes, I make mistakes.

Do you ever make mistakes? Don’t worry. Everyone does. Everybody makes mistakes! But there’s good news.

God has told us that he will forgive us, no matter how many times we make mistakes.

The Bible tells us that if we really love God, we will try our very best to obey His commandments. These are the things he has asked us to do to make the world full of love and fairness. But God knows that we are not perfect all the time, and he loves us anyway.

Also, in the Bible, God says that he will give us grace. Do you know what grace is? Grace is loving us and forgiving us, even when we don’t deserve it. Isn’t that such a wonderful gift?

So when we make mistakes, let’s remember that we’re not alone. Everyone makes mistakes, and God forgives us every single time. Let’s pray to God and thank him for his forgiveness when we make mistakes.

Dear God, we know that we are not perfect. Even when we try really hard, we still make mistakes. Please forgive us when we don’t always follow the things you have taught us in the Bible. And thank you for your love and forgiveness, even when we don’t deserve it. Amen.

Okay, boys and girls! Have a good night! I mean morning!

Children’s Sermon Daniel 9:9  – Everyone Makes Mistakes