Children’s Sermon Guardian Angels

children's sermon guardian angels

Children’s Sermon Guardian Angels

Children’s Sermon Guardian Angels


Lesson Objective:  To have the children understand that God has provided Guardian Angels just for each of them.

Have the children of the church come to the front and stand with their arms out for spacing. When they are finger tip to finger tip have them drop their arms.

Go to each child as if you are searching for something or someone. After looking over each child very carefully say, “I can’t see him, but I know he is there.” Have the children help you look.

Ask the children what they think you are looking for? After their answers have the children sit close to you in a circle and tell them a special story.

The story is found in Matthew 18:10-11. (We are going to take a small liberty here) When God decided to make each of you, he instantly had a deep love for you, a lot like your mother and father. This love for you was so great that he made a special class of angels, called guardian angels, to be with you from your beginning to your death.

They are with you right now, you just can’t see them. They protect you, love you and will be with you every step of your life. Ask the children, “Does this make you feel good?” Remember, that your guardian angel carries God’s love with you every day and night.

End with this activity. Have the boys and girls raise one hand in the air and shut their eyes for a closing prayer.


Dear God,

Always have my guardian angel take my hand and lead me with your love. Amen

Children’s Sermon Guardian Angels