Children’s Sermon – Keeping Your Battery Charged

Children’s Sermon Keeping Your Battery Charged

Children’s Sermon Keeping Your Battery Charged – Psalm 119:18

Objective:  To help the children learn ways to recharge their life as a Christian.

Children’s Sermon Keeping Your Battery Charged

Holding up your phone.

Boys and girls.  I have my phone with me today and you will never guess what I forgot to do last night.  Let the children try to guess. 

I forgot to charge my phone.  What am I going to do if someone calls and my phone is dead?  Or, what if I have a very important message for one of my friends and I can’t call them because of a dead phone. 

Look right here on my phone, it says my charge is really getting low.  What do I need to do to my phone before it goes dead?  You are right, I need to hook it up to a charger and let it charge.

When I was thinking about charging my phone it reminded me of several ways we can recharge our battery as a Christian. 

Prayer is one way of recharging our Christian battery. When we pray and talk to God He helps our inside battery to recharge.  Can you think of another?  Reading or listening to the bible being read can definitely help.  How about coming to church and Sunday School?  You are right they can be a big help.

One thing about having a fully charged Christian battery is that when we need to decide what is right and what is wrong we will have plenty of power to pray and listen for an answer.  Another example is when we are scared or need help our battery will be powered up and we can ask for God’s amazing power to help us.

Let’s say a prayer.  Dear God, Help me to always keep my Christian battery charged.  Amen