Valentine’s Day Children’s Sermon

children's sermon valentine's day

Valentine’s Day Children’s Sermon

 Valentine’s Day Children’s Sermon

Lesson Objective:  To help the children to remember on Valentines Day that God has a heart full of love for His children.

Scripture:  Mark 12:30, Matthew 6:21

Materials: Several Valentine’s Day Cards to give the children to look at.  Make sure each Valentine has a heart somewhere on it.

Hand out Valentine’s cards to the children and ask them what they see on the Valentine. There will be different answers but a common one should be a heart.

Tell the children that a heart is a symbol of love and caring for someone. Ask the children if there is someone that they really love and care for?

Relate to them that the bible has the word heart in it many times. Two of your favorite verses are:

Mark 12:30 – ‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.’

Matthew 6:21 – ‘For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.’ 

Tell the children that the first verse can be turned around to read, ‘The Lord loves you with all His heart and with all His soul and with all His mind and with all His strength.’

The keys in both Mark 12:30 and our turned around verse are heart and love. God loves us very much and we should return His love.

Relate to the children the meaning of Matthew 6:21. The love of God is the treasure and that God’s love should always be in all our heart.

Ask the children to look at their Valentines one last time. Tell them, this Valentine’s Day when they receive a Valentine with a heart on it, to remember that God loves you deep in his heart, as you should him.


Dear God, Thank you for hearts full of love. Amen

Valentine’s Day Children’s Sermon