Holiday Children’s Sermon – Christmas Angels

Holiday Children’s Sermon – Christmas Angels

Holiday Children's Sermon Christmas Angels

Lesson Objective:  To understand the role of angels during the birth of the Christ Child and their role as guardian angles.

Have you ever looked at a Christmas tree and seen an angel at the top? There is a reason for this.

Did you know that angels played a big role in the birth of Jesus? The angel Gabriel appeared to Mary, the mother of Jesus, and told her she was to have a son and to name him Jesus. (Read Luke 1:26-33.)

An angel also appeared to the shepherds (Read Luke 2:8-20.) telling of the birth of Jesus. Angels can do many things. One of the most important of their assignments is to watch over and protect us,  just as they did the baby Jesus. (Read Matthew 2:13-15.)

Tell the children that God the Father loves them so much that He has given each one of them the special gift of an angel to love and watch over them all their life. This angel is called a guardian angel. (Read Matthew 18:10.)

During this Christmas season remember that God loves you very much and just as angels watched over His son Jesus, He has given the gift of angels to watch over each of you. What a wonderful reminder of one of the gifts God gives us every day as our loving Father in heaven.


Dear God, Thank you for the gift of guardian angels and the Christmas angels. May I remember these gifts every time I see an angel at the top of a Christmas tree. Amen

Holiday Children’s Sermon – Christmas Angels