Father’s Day Children’s Sermon: The Prodigal Son

father's day children's sermon

Father’s Day Children’s Sermon: The Prodigal Son

Father’s Day Children’s Sermon: The Prodigal Son

Once there was a father that had 2 sons. The youngest son was unhappy doing chores every day and wanted to leave home. He asked his father to give him his inheritance. His father agreed and gave him and his brother money.

But, soon after the younger son received his money, he left home. He thought that by going to a new country and getting far away from his home and chores, that he would have more fun. He couldn’t wait to be a grown-up.

After he left home, his father became very sad. He prayed that God would send his son back home to him.

The youngest son spent all of his money by throwing wild parties. He also did things he knew he wasn’t supposed to do. After all his money was gone, the country he was living in became very poor and people started to starve.

After work one night, he was walking home and his stomach wouldn’t stop growling. When the son woke up the next day, he realized that he had sinned against God and his father. At that moment he made a plan. He would go back to his father’s house and apologize.

As he reached the farm his father owned, he could see someone running towards him. He got nervous because he thought no one would want to see him. But, then he noticed who it was.

It was his father! His father was so glad to see him and cried tears of joy!

His father was so glad his son was home. Isn’t it awesome how much God loves us? God loves us so much that He has given us Daddies to love and care for us. Even when we don’t agree with them, or we get mad if they tell us to do something, their love for us is never-ending.

Fathers Day Prayer:

Dear Lord, Thank you for our mommies and Daddies. Thank you that you loved us enough to give us people that would guide our lives and help us to learn of you. Please help us as we pay attention to what they say and help us to always mind our parents.

Father’s Day Children’s Sermon: The Prodigal Son