Children’s Sermon Healing Prayer – God’s Band-Aid

children's sermon healing prayer

Children’s Sermon Healing Prayer – God’s Band-Aid

Children’s Sermon on Prayer – God’s Band-Aid

  1. Have the children come to the front of the church.
  2. Ask the children what they would do to heal a skinned knee?
  3. Make sure one reply is a band-aid. Ask why they would place a band-aid over the cut?
  4. Then ask them who usually treats skinned knees at their house?
  5. The reply most likely will be mom or dad. Ask why mom or dad usually treats the skinned knee?

The reply should be in the context of……..My mom just knows what to do.

Tell the children that God has a band-aid saved especially for each one of them. When they are scared, God is there with a band-aid to take their fear away. The times they are hurt, God has a band-aid to heal them, prayer. When they need help with a problem, God the Father gives us his band-aid of comfort and understanding through prayer.

Tell the children that no matter what the hurt or problem is, God has a band-aid to make it better. God wants all of us to ask him for help. He promises that he will answer our prayers. His perfect answer to our prayer is just like your parents cleaning a scrape, applying medicine to it and then a band-aid to keep the dirt out.

God’s band-aid does the same thing. He helps and shelters us from the bad. Just like your loving parents on earth would do!

Give each child a band-aid and say this prayer.

Dear God, Thank you for your band-aid of prayer to help me in my life.

Tell the children that you are giving them a band-aid to remind them of God’s love for all of them and his band-aid of prayer.

Children’s Sermon Prayer – God’s Band-Aid