Children’s Sermon: Stone Soup for Thanksgiving

children's sermon stone soup for thanksgiving

Children’s Sermon: Stone Soup for Thanksgiving

Children’s Sermon: Stone Soup for Thanksgiving

A Unique Thanksgiving Children’s Church Lesson for the Holidays

Before church, the leader should familiarize themselves with the story of Stone Soup.

Bible Verse:  Matthew 25:35

  • Invite the children to come to the front of the church.
  • Ask the children what holiday is coming up? Thanksgiving
  • Now ask them some things they are thankful for? Most will say family, pets, food, friends, God, Jesus.
  • Tell the children the story of Stone Soup.

Now tell the children that not all people have enough to eat for Thanksgiving. Ask the children how this makes them feel?

Ask the children if they think it would be a good idea for them to supply a meal for a needy family who does not have enough food this Thanksgiving. They will all say, “yes”. Then say, “I have an idea, let’s buy some food for this family.”

Take out a large jar you have brought and tell the children that to buy a meal for a needy family it takes money, ask them to drop some money in the jar. Most, if not all, the children will not have any money with them.

Sharing and giving is the heart of this Thanksgiving Children’s Church Lesson.

Look into the empty jar and tell the children that it appears they will not be able to feed a needy family this Thanksgiving. Look very sad and then say, “I’ve got it!”

Tell the children that you have brought a small amount of change with you to church. Pass out one penny to all the children and have them drop it into the jar.

Ask them if there is enough money in the jar to buy the dinner. The children will say “no”. Then tell them that maybe they can start the dinner just like the soup was started in Stone Soup with stones and water.

Tell the children that a church family is, in a way, like the community in the Stone Soup story, and that you are confident that the church family will help out. Ask the children to pass the jar around the congregation.

Give instructions for the congregation to only place change or one dollar bills in the jar, nothing larger. Relate to the children that each church member makes the whole stronger. While each member may only give a small amount, everyone working together for a common cause makes the church a very powerful agent of God.

Ask them if they think they will get enough money to buy the dinner?


Dear God, We are thankful for our families, food, and shelter. We ask that our pennies be turned into enough money to provide Thanksgiving dinner for a family in need, just like the soup in Stone Soup. Amen

After the prayer, take the children to another part of the church and count the money. When the groceries are purchased take a picture to show the children at the next Children’s Church.

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