Children’s Sermon – Luke 2:11 – Don’t Forget Jesus

Remember Jesus
Luke 2:11
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(Celebrate Jesus this Christmas)

Objective: To remind children that Christmas is about Jesus.

Scripture: “Today, a Savior has been born to you; he is the Messiah, the Lord.” Luke 2:11


Candy cane (You can bring multiples as giveaway Christmas treats to the kids)

Photo of a shepherd with a staff

Transcript: Don’t Forget Jesus

Hello boys and girls! Gather round kids. Wow! Time is fast. It’s the last month of the year! And we know what December is all about, right? Tell me what you are expecting and looking forward to this end of the month. (Spend some time getting their thoughts and eventually leading them to Christmas day celebrations and happenings).

Now, let me show (or “give”) you this. [Take out the candy canes.] You know what this is? A [say it together with them]. Right! A candy cane.  Let’s look at this for a minute. Hmm. Does it look similar to something else? It looks quite the same as a shepherd’s staff. [Show a photo of a shepherd with a staff.]

Did you know that shepherds were the first to hear of Christmas Day? In Luke chapter 2 we learn that a great number of angels appeared to them in the field and told them the good news of the birthday of Jesus, the Messiah, a cherished name that meant the “promised deliverer” or “Savior” of the world.

And you know what they did? They went to visit Jesus when He was born. Yes. Shepherds were also the first to drop by and say “Happy Birthday” to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords! They were so deep in celebration that even after they’ve already left the “private birthday party”, they were still praising God, glorify, and thanking Him for all that they learned, saw, and experienced.

 Today, Christmas is so much different. Most are busy doing things. It’s a season of buying gifts and getting them. It’s a time for family vacations and parties. While that is all good, we should not leave out the cause for the season: the celebrant we should be giving more thought to. Can you imagine attending a birthday party where you get to taste all the food, chat with all the guests, play all the party games, then leave without talking to the birthday celebrant? That’s not just weird, that’s quite rude and wrong in so many ways.

Remember the reason!  Don’t Forget Jesus!

So kids, don’t forget Jesus this Christmas. Remember to visit and greet Him “Happy birthday!”. Remember to thank Him for coming to earth on that first Christmas day. It’s because He came that we can have salvation and eternal life. It’s because He came that we can have joy this Christmas and always. Furthermore, it’s because of Jesus that we have all the blessings we can enjoy today and tomorrow.

Kids, enjoy the gifts. Enjoy your time with family and friends. Get into the Christmas Spirit. But in all that happens, wherever you go, whatever you eat; remember that Christmas is His day. He was born to carry out a mission to save mankind from sin and hell. He was born so we can become part of God’s family by placing our complete trust in His sacrifice on the cross for us. Sing Christmas songs about Him. Pray to Him and think of Him. Don’t forget Jesus this Christmas.