Children’s Sermon -Believe, Trust and Obey – Genesis 6:22

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(Be Like Noah! Believe, trust, and obey God!)

Objective: To encourage children to believe, trust, and obey God just like Noah did.

Scripture: “Noah did everything just as God commanded him.” Genesis 6:22


 A toy boat or photo of a boat

  • A photo of a flood or a video that shows catastrophic flooding

[Use these anytime during the lesson as you see fit.]


Hello boys and girls! How are we doing today? Let’s gather around and focus our attention on a well-loved Bible character: Noah. Yes, do you know him? He is a follower and lover of God. Can you tell me what you know about him? [ Listen to some answers].

Yes, he was the one who built a big, big boat, or ark! In those days, people didn’t know anything about floods. They haven’t even seen any rainfall. So when God told Noah that He will bring a great flood upon the earth, that must have been hard to understand, let alone imagine. And when God bid Noah to build a very big ark, that must have been even harder to grasp. He may have doubted if there was a real need to build a boat that big. Yet, he believed all that God said, trusted, and obeyed.

Has that ever happened to you? Have you doubted what somebody said or promised and got so surprised to find out it was true or that it happened in the end? Have your parents told you to do something and complained that you didn’t need to do it? Have you disbelieved a wise person’s opinions and rebelled because you didn’t think they were right or maybe you thought they were just exaggerating?

You know, Noah was probably familiar with these thoughts and feelings. Worse, people probably thought he was crazy. People probably ridiculed him while he was out there building this huge ark for so many years. It took Noah a long time to build the ark and fulfill the task. Some Bible scholars think it could have taken him up to 100 years to gather the materials, build the ark, and prepare the passengers (animals and family).

Imagine how long Noah suffered from bullying and shame. He might have gotten discouraged at times. He might have felt low and ashamed. He might have thought God asked too much. He might have doubted whether every instruction was necessary. And boy, the instructions were quite many and the task tedious, you know!

Noah may have gotten exhausted and felt too tired to keep working. He was not a young man anymore. He was 500 years old when God spoke to him about this project. But he never stopped. He believed all that God said and continued to do what God told Him to do. He believed and trusted that God was all-wise and all-loving. And so, Noah was committed to obeying. And obey God, he did!

You know, we all may look up to him as a great man of faith, but Noah is just like us. He is no different from us. We are as special to God as he is and he is as regular as any one of us. Children, be like Noah. Believe that God is all-wise in everything He says in His Word. Trust that God is loving in all that He does. Do right and obey His wise instructions in your lives. As you get to know, love, trust, and obey God as He did, life will turn out for your good and you will see Him do amazing things in front of you.