Children’s Sermon – 1 Corinthians 15:33 – Don’t Catch It!

Don't Catch It, 1 Corinthians 15:33, Children's Sermon

Don’t Catch It, 1 Corinthians 15:33, Children’s Sermon

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Objective: To illustrate to children that wrong influence can be caught and that they need to avoid it.

Scripture: “Bad company corrupts good character.” 1 Corinthians 15:33


  1. five good apples on a plate (plate 1)
  2. five rotten apples on a plate (plate 2)


Hello boys and girls! I want us to look at something I brought with me today.Gather round kids and observe these with me.

[Reveal plate 1 and ask for comments.]

[Reveal plate 2 and ask for comments.]

So, which plate might you be interested in having?

Now, let’s try this. [Remove 1 good apple from plate 1 and replace it with 1 rotten apple.]

Do you think this is okay or would there be a problem in doing this?

What about if I do this? [Remove 1 more good apple from plate 1 and replace it with another rotten apple, making the ratio of 3 good apples: 2 rotten apples.]

Do you think this is okay or would there be a problem in doing this?

Now, how about if I do this. [Have just 1 good apple and 4 rotten apples on plate 1.]

What do you think?

A curious thinker most probably tried this experiment a long time ago. Science says that if you mix one rotten fruit in a bunch of good ones, the good ones will eventually start going bad too. It is because overripe and rotten fruit releases molds (green or brown spots) and hormones that cause over ripeness. Other fruits nearby will catch and start producing these as a consequence. Have one rotten apple, as they say, and the rest of the bunch will go bad pretty soon as well.

You know kids, like a rotten apple, bad influence works that way too. 1 Corinthians 15:33 says that “Bad company corrupts good character.” To be in bad company is to be around bad influences (wrong behaviors, attitudes, thinking, and actions that those around you do). These are called “bad influences” because if you are not careful, these can rub off on you and affect you. Lying, bad temper, cussing, stealing, disrespect, disobedience; these are examples of bad influences you can later be guilty of doing yourself. If you are constantly with people who do these things and if you aren’t careful, you may later find yourself behaving, thinking, and doing those wrong things too.  And God will be very sad to see that happening to you.

We are called to be God’s light and His example in this world, showing people what is good and personally being good to them. That is His plan. Actually, it is not wrong to befriend someone who is not a Christian yet. It is okay to make friends with kids who don’t know Jesus as Savior in their life. And if you have a friend who gets into trouble for doing wrong things, God can use you to help change that naughty friend of yours and even bring him (or her) along to church with you!

But, it is not God’s plan for us to be “partakers” of other people’s wrong deeds. (Ephesians 5:7) To be a partaker is to join in what other people do, to do what they do, or to be okay with what they do. We must be careful not to catch wrong influences. And when there is an opportunity, we must be ready to help people realize when they are wrong. We can do this by lovingly trying our best and being patient as we try to help them understand that they are wrong. Sometimes though, we may need to stop spending time with friends who keep doing the wrong things over and over again.

You know what? A good thing to do is to make sure that we get to be around more people who can influence us for good and be around less people who tend to influence us for bad. Like this kids, [Show a plate of 4 good apples and 1 rotten apple only.] And not like this. [Show a plate of 4 rotten apples and 1 good apple only.]

Remember kids, don’t catch wrong influences. Rather, be God’s light. Be an example and inspiration of rightness among your friends and schoolmates; and enjoy spending more time with other Christians who want to please God like you do.