Children’s Sermon 1 Peter 5:7

Children's Sermon 1 Peter 5:2

Children’s Sermon 1 Peter 5:2

Children’s Sermon 1 Peter 5:7

Anxious? Tell God!

(God cares about your anxieties)

Verse:  Cast all your anxiety on Him because He cares for you.” 1 Peter 5:7

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Balance scale

  • Marbles or marbles (or any objects you can use to balance both pans of the scale)

Alternatively, you can have an arts and crafts workshop with the kids first. Let them create their own balance scale using hangers, plastic cups, and some strings. Here is a link to  a DIY balance scale project.

God cares about your anxieties

Hi Kids. How have you been? I hope you and your families are doing good, staying healthy and safe. Today, we’re going to talk about something you’re all familiar with. In a while, we’ll also be using the balance scale and marbles you have right there with you.

Do you ever get anxious? Right. We all do. Can you share some of the things that make you anxious? I see. So what do you do when you’re anxious? How do you make those anxieties go away?

Anxieties are a normal part of our lives. Moments of joy alternate with sadness. You’ll enjoy those chilling moments. You’ll also have some anxious times. In your ups and downs, you need to strike the balance. Where are your balance scales?  Let’s say the left pan is joy and peace, while the right pan is sadness and anxiety. Kids, you must learn to balance them.

Tip the scales

Of course, it’s great when the scale tips over to the left. [Illustrate by filling your left pan with marbles.] It means everything is going well and you’re happy most of the time. But the scale will likely tip over to the right some time. [Illustrate by moving most of the marbles over to the right.] You must be ready to strike the balance when those hard, anxious moments come.

How do you do that? When things are bad and your anxious thoughts and feelings pile up, what do you do? Kids, look at your scales. Put some marbles on the left pan. Then overfill the right pan with even more marbles. How do you restore the balance? That’s right. It’s either you move some to the left, or you take some out of that pan to throw away.

That’s what we should do whenever anxious thoughts crowd our minds and get us down. Let’s move those anxious marbles and turn them into positive thoughts of joy and peace.

God is real and watches for us

Some of the things we get anxious over bring good lessons for us to learn. We grow stronger and wiser after the stressful experience. Sometimes, “stressors” help us notice God’s blessings and providence in our lives. Also, once we live through an anxious moment and pass it with flying colors, we feel good knowing that we made it and we’re made stronger because of it. Another good outcome is that we prove God is real and that He is watching out for us. He cares for us.

1 Peter 5:7

1 Peter 5:7 tells us that God wants us to talk to Him about our anxieties because He cares for us. Yes. He wants to hear about all of them. Sometimes, your friends and family may get caught up in the stuff they need to do that they fail to notice or hear you out.  But God is always up to it. God wants you to talk to Him about it.

Children, God never thinks your worries and anxieties are trivial. God feels what you’re feeling, and He knows these anxious thoughts worry and sadden you. He also knows that it’s not good for you to bottle them up. He wants you to take out these anxieties and trust them over to Him. Pray your anxieties away. If they keep coming back, keep praying to God about them. Kids, God will hear you. When the time is right, He will take or solve these concerns.

God will help you

God will also help you throughout those tough times. He will use your friends, family, even your dog to help you deal with anxiety. He will provide ways for you to release your negative emotions in a positive way.

Maybe responsible hours of video gaming may make you feel better. Maybe a walk to the park with a friend or your dog. Maybe helping your family do some chores or doing something good for people will help take the focus off your anxieties.

There are good ways to deal with anxiety. So don’t ever think that life is just too much and there’s nothing you can do about it. Learn helpful ways to navigate through the bad moments of your life. And always, trust that God is with you in every situation. Know that He will make you strong and meet your need when you most need a helping hand. God loves and cares for you. Let’s pray.