Children’s Sermon – Acts 17:28 – Rely on God

Children's Sermon - Acts 17:28 - Rely on God!

Children’s Sermon – Acts 17:28 – Rely on God!

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(Stay close and Depend on God)

Objective: To illustrate to children that because of God we exist and in God we can do things.

Scripture: “For in Him [GOD] we live and move and have our being.” Acts 17:28


  1. A working quartz wall clock with its batteries removed
  2. A broken quartz wall clock (Remove the circuit board (machinery) at the back and expose the wheels/gears inside.)
  3. An optional material is a simple chart that shows parts of a clock.
  4. An optional visual material is a simple video on how an analog clock works, esp. a video that talks and shows how gears move the hour, minute, and second hands.

Hello boys and girls! Check out some stuff I brought for us today.

Gather round kids. Everyone all cozy? Alright! Let’s see what’s in our bag for today!

Unpack your illustrative materials. Lay them out side by side. Hold up the working clock. Point out the box that houses the machinery at the back. Show the batteries and lay them on the side. Next, hold up the broken clock. Show the broken machinery and missing battery.

Think it Out

Get some thoughts about your items. Allow the children to observe the working clock and the broken clock. Encourage them to share any of their observations and comparisons between the two.

Hold up both clocks for the children to see.  So, look at these two clocks. Aren’t they quite the same? Both have the face, the hands, and the numbers to show. Each are quite complete, don’t you think? From your view, both might even seem to work just fine. But when I show you these clocks from my view, you’d very quickly know that one of them is not working.

A clock needs very important parts like batteries and most importantly, the machine (or circuit board) to actually do its job or purpose. Inside this circuit board are gears that guide and move the hands of the clock. And tell me again, what is a clock supposed to do for you anyway? [Encourage answers]. Yes, it’s supposed to tell time. More importantly, it’s not just supposed to tell you time. It’s to tell you the ACTUAL time, the right time!

When it’s working properly, a clock helps you know when it is time to do things or to be somewhere. A properly working clock helps you stay on track and show up for people and places that count on you to be there for help or for certain responsibilities. But without the necessary parts, any clock is useless. The purpose is great; it is actually grand! But without the essential parts that make it work, it is a complete and utter junk.

To the Point

You know, boys and girls, we are like these clocks in some way. We have a special purpose in this life. God created us to do special things. God has given us gifts like skills, creativity, strength, wit, and so much more. With all these gifts, we can do things and do them well. We can do well in school. Each one of us can help our families. We can pursue hobbies for our enjoyment. Most importantly, we are able to do all these with God and through God.

The Bible says with God in us and guiding us, we can live life rightly and happily and find achievements in this life. With God guiding us, we can know when and how we need to fulfill our purpose. The Bible says that when we are connected with God (like a clock is connected with the machinery/circuit board, or, like a clock is powered and guided by gears) we find out our purposes in this life- the roles we need to play ad the things we need to do. The Bible also says that with God strengthening us (like batteries powering a clock), we can be able to do things we find difficult at first to do.


So kids, remember to keep relying on God and including Him in your daily life. Got a difficult test coming up? Do your best to study and pray for God to help you remember important things that will come up in the test. Got a project you need to finish? Ask God for wisdom and know that He is helping you every step of the way! God is with you all the time. Never forget that! Stay purposed [focused] in Him and stay powered by Him!