Children’s Sermon Bedtime Prayers

children's sermon bedtime prayers

Children’s Sermon Bedtime Prayers

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Scripture – James 5:16: “The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective.” 

Bedtime Prayers Story Outline – Children’s Sermon

First, you will need a pillow, sleeping bag, bed sheet, and toothbrush.  Get with an older child before church and plan the following lesson.  Tell the helper that every time you pretend to go to sleep and snore, to wake you up and tell you that you forgot something. 

When it is time for Children’s Church, go down front and roll out the sleeping bag, put the pillow on the floor, pretend to brush your teeth,  yawn and lay down on the sleeping bag. 

Your helper will then wake you up and tell you that you have forgotten something.  You will think and then say, “No I don’t think so” and pretend to go back to sleep.  Do this three times.  On the fourth time when the helper wakes you up act like you are thinking and say, “Your right, I forgot to say my prayers.” 

Then tell the boys and girls the importance of saying their prayers every night.  Tell them, just like you, it is easy to forget to say your prayers, but God is always waiting to hear their prayer.  Then say this prayer with the children.


Dear God, Help me to remember to say my bedtime prayers and listen for your reply.  Amen

When I did this lesson at my church I got a big laugh after sending the children back to their parents.  I stretched, sat back down on the sleeping bag and told the preacher to give me a minute and I would be settled down for the sermon.

Children’s Sermon Bedtime Prayers