Children’s Sermon Clean On The Inside

children's sermon clean on the inside

Children’s Sermon Clean on the Inside

Children’s Sermon Clean on the Inside

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Children’s Bible Lesson Outline

  • For this lesson, you need two mugs.
  • Put mud or dirt on the outside of one and on the inside of the other.
  • Put mud on the outside of a plain one and on the inside of an ornate and pretty one.
  • Have the children come forward and sit around you.
  • Hold up the mugs.
  • “I have two mugs here, kids.  Tell me, which mug would you pick if you had to pick one?”
  • (The kids always pick the pretty one that is clean on the outside).
  • Show the kids the inside of the mugs.
  • “One of these is dirty on the outside, but clean on the inside.  The other is pretty on the outside and dirty on the inside.
  • Now if you have to put water inside of one of these mugs and drink out of it, which would be better?”
  • (Answer will change to the one that is clean on the inside.)

“A long time ago, the people of Israel wanted a king.  They picked someone that was pretty on the outside.

The problem is that he was ugly on the inside.  Later, when Samuel went to find a replacement king he wanted to pick someone else that was pretty on the outside.  But God has other ideas.  God told Samuel to pick the person that was clean and pretty on the inside.  This person was King David.  Does anyone know who David was? “ (Let kids answer he killed Goliath, etc).

“Now, do we sometimes decide what we think based on a pretty outside?”

“Sometimes we are like Samuel.  We look at people based on what is on the outside instead of what is on the inside.  What happens when we do this?  Do we sometimes find out that what is on the inside is not so pretty?”

God tells us in I Samuel 16:7  “Do not consider his appearance or his height, for I have rejected him. The Lord does not look at the things people look at. People look at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.”

“Remember when you meet people, not to just look at the outside.  Consider what they are like and who they are.  Remember to make your decisions on what kind of people they are and not how they are dressed or the toys that they have.”

“One more thing.  Who is it that can make us clean on the inside?  Who is it that can forgive our sins and make us pretty on the inside?”  (Kids answer God.)


Thank you for each and every child here today.  Thank you that you are the person who can make us clean on the inside.  Help us to remember that it doesn’t matter what people look like on the outside.  Help us to remember that how they behave and what is in their hearts is important.  Bless us as we go through the week and help us to learn more about you and love you more.   Amen.”

Children’s Sermon Clean on the Inside