Children’s Sermon Ecclesiastes 4:9 – Friends Help Each Other

children's sermon ecclesiastes 4:9

Children’s Sermon Ecclesiastes 4:9 – Friends Help Each Other

Children’s Sermon Ecclesiastes 4:9 – Friends Help Each Other

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Materials: tug-of-war rope

Scripture: Ecclesiastes 4: 9 – 10

Focus: Friends help each other.

Begin the lesson by asking for a few volunteers. Pick 3 – 4 children and put them on either side of the rope making sure to put the smallest volunteer on one side by him/herself. Ask the children a couple questions.

“Who do you think will win the tug-of-war?” 

“What do you think might happen to the little guy on his own (he may stumble or get pulled over).

Explain that sometimes there are things in our lives that make us stumble or are hard for us to deal with (you can ask for some examples: being picked on, not doing well in school, getting into an argument with a friend, feeling afraid, etc.).

Share with children that they can always bring those things to God in prayer and He will help them, but that God has also given us another way to get through tough times. He has given us friends.

Read Ecclesiastes 4: 9-10.

Explain to the children that as friends we are to help one another, to keep on another from stumbling, or to help pick each other up (again, you can ask for some examples as to how children can do this: sticking up for others, including others in play, praying for a friend, showing kindness to a friend). Two are better than one because they are stronger together than they would be apart.

Now ask for a few volunteers to come alongside the little guy. (Get adults from the congregation involved here too!). Be sure that this child’s side would now be able to win against the other side. Count to three and instruct everyone to pull. Re-emphasize that with friends on our side we can face difficult struggles and even keep from stumbling.


Dear God, thank you for our friends who support us. Help us to be the sort of friends who are kind and helpful. Encourage us as we show your love to others through friendship. Amen.

Children’s Sermon Ecclesiastes 4:9 – Friends Help Each Other