Children’s Sermon on Isaiah 40:9 – Come and See (Sharing The Good News of Jesus)

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Isaiah 40:9 – Come And See

Children’s Sermon on Isaiah 40:9 – Come and See (Sharing the Good News of Jesus)

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Scripture: “You who bring good news, go up on a high mountain.” Isaiah 40:9

Materials:  A megaphone, or rolled up paper that can amplify Your voice. (The story in this lesson can be replaced by anything the teacher wants to share.)

Story Outline: Children’s Sermon Isaiah 40:9 – Come and See

Boys and girls! Boys and girls hurry on up here! I have to tell you something! I just can’t wait to tell you!

Are you all here? Okay. Come and See!

So, this morning, when I woke up, I looked out my window just like I do every other morning. And usually, I see my driveway, and my car, and my lawn, and my mailbox… but this morning, I saw something really special. Can you guess what it was?

A deer! There was a deer right in my front yard!

I couldn’t believe it! It was looking right at me, too! And do you know what I did right away when I saw it? I wanted everyone else to see it, too! I called to my husband and my kids, “Hurry, come quick! You have to see this!” And they came running to the window, too.

I’m telling you, it was an amazing thing that we all got to share together.

I realized something when this happened. I realized that when something really amazing happens to me, I want to tell other people about it!

When I see a beautiful sunset, or a really neat butterfly, or a cloud that looks like a giraffe, I want to tell someone else about it right away, so I can share it with them.

In fact, sometimes I wish I had a way to make my voice as loud as I could, so I could tell everyone!

(Pull out a rolled up paper, and speak through it.)


(Speaking normally.) The good news of Jesus love for us is one of those things. The more I learn about what Jesus did for us, that he loved us so much he died for us, the more I want to tell everyone else about it, too!

You may have heard the song “Go, Tell it on the Mountain.” That song is about telling good news so everyone can hear it! So, Come and See!

Never be afraid to tell the good news about Jesus and to tell it as loud as you want. (Take out paper again.) HEY EVERYONE! JESUS LOVES YOU AND ME! ISN’T THAT WONDERFUL!!??

Children’s Sermon on Isaiah 40:9 – Come and See (Sharing the Good News of Jesus)

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