Children’s Sermon Jeremiah 33:3 – Hello? Hello? – (Prayer Object Lesson)

children's sermon jeremiah 33:3

Children’s Sermon – Jeremiah 33:3

Children’s Sermon God Hears our Prayers – Hello? Hello?

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Materials:  Two paper cups and string to form a “telephone;” (the longer the string the better), a cell phone

Scripture: Jeremiah 33:3

Take out your cell phone (or borrow one if you don’t have one yourself). Ask the kids what it is. Ask one or two children what it is used for.

Explain that sometimes you turn your cell phone off or don’t answer it. Tell the kids that your friends can leave a message if they want and that you will try and call them back when you can.

Say to the kids that you have another kind of telephone that they can try out today. Take out your homemade telephone and choose two volunteers to use it.

Keep in mind that you may need to coach these kids on how to use this kind of telephone.

Instruct them to stretch out the string as far as it goes (you can have them stretch it over the heads of the seated adults or go from corner to corner of the sanctuary). Have them talk into the phone and say a few things to each other.

Ask your volunteers how well they could hear each other. Would they like to use this as their means for talking with friends? Is it better than a phone?

Explain that you can’t really hear that well on a homemade phone and that when you call a cell phone sometimes people don’t always answer when you need them to. Then continue on to say that this is not the case with God.

When we call God – through our prayers or sometimes by just speaking His name out loud – that He always hears us loud and clear.

Share that God also never asks us to just leave a message. He always answers. Always.

Tell the kids that God has a phone number: 33:3. That’s easy to remember!

God’s word, in Jeremiah 33:3 says, “Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.”

We can reach God anytime, anywhere, and He will answer us.

Even more than that, He will tell us wonderful and amazing things that we never knew before!


Dear God, thank you that you are always available and that you hear us loud and clear. Thank you that we can come to you and talk with you whenever we want or need. Amen.

Children’s Sermon Jeremiah 33:3 – Hello? Hello? – (Prayer Object Lesson)

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