Children’s Sermon-Luke 17:15-Jesus and the Leper

Children’s Sermon-Luke 17:15-Jesus and the Leper

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Bible Verse:“One of [the lepers], when he saw he was healed, came back, praising God in a loud voice.” Luke 17:15


  • Visual/photo of Jesus and the 10 lepers, or
  • (optional) a 2-minute video on “The Thankful Leper”

link at

Luke 17:15-Jesus and the Leper

Hello kids? How are you doing? Today, we are going to talk about being grateful and giving thanks. Come on, gather round, and tell me, is there a difference between the two? [Encourage sharing thoughts among the kids.]

Yes, being grateful is more about feeling thankful and appreciating people for the good that they’ve done for you or for special gifts they’ve given you. Giving thanks is actually saying or expressing thanks in a way that the other person can see or hear.

Lets look at this [photo or video]. Watch the video or share the story of the 10 lepers. What do you think about the nine lepers who were not grateful and what do you think about the leper who was grateful to Jesus?  [Encourage sharing thoughts among the kids.]

Being Thankful

The leper who came back to Jesus after being healed didn’t know at that time but he would be teaching so many Christians like us today about being grateful and giving thanks.

First, we should personally say thanks whenever we can. That leper could have just said a prayer of thanks where he was. Jesus could have been far away by that time. But, he still went back to find Christ to say thanks and give God praise.

Kids, there are so many blessings we receive from God in a day. Furthermore, there are so many things other people do for us. These are worth giving thanks for. Make it a habit to thank God and your loved ones for all the good that they do for you. Don’t take their goodness for granted. Let them know and feel that you are thankful.

Being Grateful

Second, we should always be grateful. We don’t know how long the leper had to live with that condition. He could have become very bitter. He could have stopped trusting in God and started hating instead. And when he was healed, he could have just thought to himself, “Well, it’s just about time. I should have been healed long ago.” But, from the way he responded, we may likely think that He was filled with gratefulness. He appreciated that Jesus looked on his condition and showed grace upon him. That’s why he made the trip back just to thank and praise Christ in person.

Children, you may not always get what you want. Sometimes it takes time to receive what you need. Instead of complaining, choose to be thankful. Appreciate all the favors and good things you are enjoying right now. Trust and believe that God will show up to provide what you need in His time. Sometimes, He refuses what we ask for because He has something better. At other times, He delays so that we can grow and learn to be patient and trusting. Whatever the situation, be grateful. Appreciate all the good that you are experiencing right now. Focus on what you have and be grateful for them.

Children, let’s take this time right now to pray and give thanks.