Children’s Sermon Mark 12:41-44 – The Widow’s Offering

children's sermon mark 12

Children’s Sermon Mark 12:41-44 – The Widow’s Offering

Children’s Sermon Mark 12:41-44 – The Widow’s Offering

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Materials: 3 brownies or cookies or apples (and some extra for a snack) – something that can be easily divided and shared; a knife for cutting (Story Option 2)

Scripture: Mark 12:41-44

Memory Verse:

2 Corinthians 9:7: Each of you should give what you have decided in your heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver. (NIV)

Setting the Stage: Before the lesson begins, ask students what their most prized possession is (a teddy bear? A special toy or blanket? An iPod?)

Ask kids if they would be willing to give up that most prized possession for someone who needed it. What if the person who needed it was Jesus? Would you give it up then?

Tell kids that today they will hear a story about a woman who gave up her most prized possession for God.

Story Outline

The Book of Mark tells a story about a day when Jesus was watching people come and bring their gifts to the temple. In those days, people would line up and drop off their money for the church in a big box.

Some people made a big deal about how much money they gave; they would brag and boast about how big their gift to the temple was. Other people – those people who didn’t have a lot – would be more secretive and humble about what they gave.

One day, Jesus was watching the temple leaders make a big show about how much they were giving. Then he noticed a very poor woman come and put one coin into the box. When he saw that, his heart swelled with love and joy.

He knew that the poor woman gave all that she had, for that one coin was all the money she had in the whole world! Jesus knew that woman gave out of love – she wanted to give her best to God and the temple.

Then Jesus said to the leaders, “You give because you want people to admire you and think you are wonderful; this woman gives out of a heart that loves God so much. Her gift is the one that makes God happiest.”

Now let me show you what I mean about giving gifts.

I have some things here that I want to share with you (take out brownies). If I share with you like the temple leaders from the story, my gift would look like this (cut the brownie unevenly, one large portion for you and one tiny portion for a student volunteer.

Make a big deal out of how much you are giving your volunteer). Is that a very nice gift? (wait for a response) What would make me give a gift like that? (I’m selfish, thinking of myself).

I don’t think a gift like that is very pleasing to God. But if I wanted to share with you like the poor woman, my gift would look like this (cut the brownie unevenly again, but give the larger portion to the child OR bring out a whole tray of brownies and give them completely away).

This time, I’m giving to make you happy and to make God happy – not to make myself happy. Do you see the difference?

When we are able to give what is important to us or the best that we can, that is the gift that pleases God’s heart the most. What’s more, when we give it with gladness or excitement, God is even more pleased. (Read the memory verse to students).

Here is a sample prayer that ties in with the themes of the story. Feel free to pray your own way.


Jesus, thank you for the good things we learn from your Word. Thank you for all the ways you give to us and take care of us. Help us, Lord, to give with happy hearts, and help us remember to always give you our best. Amen.

Children’s Sermon Mark 12:41-44 – The Widow’s Offering

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