Children’s Sermon Matthew 25:14-30 – Do What You Can

Children's Sermon Matthew 25

Children’s Sermon Matthew 25:14-30 – Do What You Can

Children’s Sermon Matthew 25:14-30 – Do What You Can With What You Have

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For this children’s sermon, you will need several seed packets of different plants. Bring in an assortment.

Kid’s Sermon Discussion:

I have some seeds with me today. I have a bunch of different kinds. Here. I’ll let you hold them (or have them).

Pass out the seed packets giving more packets to some and fewer to others. Keep one seed packet for yourself.

Now, not everyone has the same amount of seed packets or even seeds.

What kinds do we have here? Beans? Carrots? Flowers?

Everyone has different kinds of seeds. Some of the seeds can grow food and others just make the world pretty. They have different jobs. What if I said, “It’s not fair that I only have one seed packet while you have two or three?”

What if I just pouted and decided that I wasn’t going to do anything with my seeds because it’s not fair? I’m mad that I didn’t get as many seeds as everyone else and maybe that my seeds aren’t the kind that you have. So I’m going to put them on a shelf and leave them there.

Will the seeds be any good to anyone if I do that? In a few months when you all have grown your flowers and vegetables, will I have anything to show? So my seeds get wasted, right?

Story paraphrased from Matthew 25:14-30:

Well, Jesus told us a parable about someone who was unhappy about what he was given so he didn’t use it at all.

A master went on a journey and gave his workers different amounts of money. He gave one a hundred dollars, one fifty dollars, and one ten dollars. The man who had one hundred put his money to work. Maybe he invested it. Maybe he used it to start a business and made money. But he doubled his money.

The one with fifty dollars also did that. But the one with ten dollars was not happy that he didn’t get as much. So he just buried it.

When the master came back, he asked what everyone had done with the money he let them take care of. The first two showed the master that they had used what they were given.

The one who buried it told the master what he had done. The master was very angry that this worker did not use what he was given. He didn’t even put it in a savings account. He just buried it. And that worker was fired and put out of the house.

More Discussion about Doing What You Can With What You Have:

Does everyone have the same gifts and talents? No.

Some people sing. Others dance. Some people are good at putting things together and building things. Some people are good with computers and some are good at art.

It’s just like the seeds. Some seeds produce food while others make the world pretty. But they are all gifts and they are all important.

God wants you to take what you have and use it to the best of your ability.

If you can draw, you can make get well cards for some of our sick people. You might not make a lot of money from it, but you are using your talent wisely and you are making a difference for other people.

If you are good at talking, maybe you can share Jesus with people like our pastor does. If you can sing, maybe the choir is for you.

Don’t just waste the talent that you have. Don’t just waste the gifts that God gave you. Some have more than others, but that doesn’t mean that someone with only a little bit isn’t just as important.

One packet of beans can provide a meal better than two packets of flowers. One packet of flowers might make a flower arrangement for a sick person who might not be able to eat at all. Both can change lives and make a difference.


Dear God,
Thank you for each individual person here today. Thank you that each person has different gifts and talents. Teach us to be content with what we have and teach us to use our talents no matter how big or small. Help us to remember that the world is interesting because everyone is different and help us to be proud of what we can do. Let us use it to your glory so that people can see you through us. Keep us safe and help us to learn more about you.

Children’s Sermon Matthew 25:14-30 – Do What You Can