Children’s Sermon Matthew 5:16 – Walking Signs

Children's Sermon Matthew 5:16

Children’s Sermon Matthew 5:16 – Walking Signs

Children’s Sermon Matthew 5:16 – Walking Signs

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Materials: At least three pieces of paper (you determine the size) with familiar logos on them; a few homemade signs: one with a smile, one with a frowny face, and one with a cross inside a heart.

Scripture: Matthew 5:16

Focus: We want our words and actions to be an example of God living in us.

Story Outline:

I have a game for us to play this morning. I’m going to show you a picture, and I’d like you to tell me what the picture stands for. (Show the first logo and allow time for kids to identify it.)

Can anyone tell me what you might find in this store/restaurant/place? (Repeat this interaction with at least three different logos. You may choose more if time allows. You may also model the “game” first and then ask the children to “play.” There are some logos for you at the end of this lesson to copy or to spark ideas.)

A big sign or a logo can tell us what we can expect to find inside a store, on a website, or on a T.V. channel. For example, we know that when we see the McDonald’s sign, there will be food in that store and not something weird like alligators or farm equipment. When we see the sign for Toys ‘R Us we can be certain that there will be toys inside, and not vegetables or ladies’ clothing.

Sometimes, I think it would be nice if people wore signs around their necks! That way, we would know what they are like on the inside. How about this? (Pull out the sign with a frowny face). What would this sign tell you about a person? (Allow for responses, then pull out the sign with the smiley face). How about this sign? (Allow time for responses, then pull out the sign with the cross and heart). What does this sign tell you?

Actually, the Bible does say something about this.

In Matthew 5:16, God’s word says, “In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.”

This verse is saying that our actions (just like a sign) tell others what is inside of us. For example, someone who pushes others around or speaks with mean words may be sad or afraid inside.

As friends of Jesus, our actions – or good deeds, as the verse calls them – should show our love for God. The kind, thoughtful, and respectful things we do are sort of like the signs around our neck.

They point to Jesus and the love we have for him in our hearts. And each time we do a good deed, we are also showing others what God is like – loving, gracious, and kind.

So the next time you pass your favorite store or see a sign that you like, take a minute to think of something you can do – your sign to others – to show that Christ lives in your heart…and then do it!

Prayer: Dear God, thank you for the way you live in us and make us able to live loving, kind, and generous lives. Give us chances to do nice things for others. Help us to be your signs to the world and to advertise what a wonderful and loving God you are. Amen

Children’s Sermon Matthew 5:16 – Walking Signs