Children’s Sermon Matthew 5:13 – You Are Salt

You are Salt, Children's Sermon, Matthew 5:13

You are Salt, Children’s Sermon, Matthew 5:13

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(Brightening Your World)

Objective: To illustrate to children that they can make a good impact wherever they are right now.

Scripture: “You are the salt of the earth.” Matthew 5:13


  1. Salt in a container (you may use slightly larger salt crystals for easy handling)
  2. A plate of any snack (like chips) that has no seasoning whatsoever
  3. A second plate of the same snack with some salt added to it


Using Matthew 5:13

Hello boys and girls! I want us to try something I brought with me today.

Gather round kids and check these out with me.

[Uncover your plate 1. Let the children taste the first plate of snack.]

Do you like it?

[Uncover your plate 2. Let the children taste the first plate of snack.]

Do you like this too?

Which one do you like better? Do you know why it tastes better for you? You’re right! Because it has some seasoning. Seasoning makes any food taste better and here, the second plate was better because it had some salt in it. Do you put salt in your food? Do you know that salt is one basic and probably most important seasoning/ingredient in the meals people prepare?

Salt brings out the great flavors in food. With some salt, the meat and vegetables let out all the flavors they are keeping inside.

Salt makes your food look and feel better to the tongue. It’s called texture. With the right amount, steaks are juicier and chips are crunchier.

Salt preserves food. Back when there was no refrigerator, people used salt so food will keep for longer periods of time.

Salt also makes food very healthy for you. When your body takes in salt from the food you eat, your muscles and nerves are rightly relaxed, and your body works smoothly. The body cannot function well without some salt. The body actually cannot live without some salt!

Wow! What a thought! Here, take one grain of salt. Common, each one. [Pass the salt shaker around]. Look at it, isn’t it quite small? A lot, lot smaller than you are. Taste one of the grains. Maybe, you’d think THAT one grain which you tasted won’t make any difference. But it does! And you know what? You do to!

The Bible says, you are the salt of the earth! God placed each of you in different places to be His salt, doing all those good things we talked about salt doing: keeping love and goodness in your home and school, bringing out the best in the people you are with and the situation you are facing, making your family and friend group life healthier and better by being a helper and a good influence.

The little things you think you may be doing are not little at all. Every deed, every kind word, every good attitude shown even when your friends, parents, and siblings are cranky; all these make the world around you a better place!

Imagine, how many we are in this world! [Lift the salt shaker and make it sound by shaking the container]. God’s children! God’s grains of salt seasoning the whole place, brightening the earth one shake at a time [You may shake out some salt around you if desired]

Remember, you are important in God’s eyes and He has given you, yes, you, some special things to do right now. Be His salt and be happy and proud BEING His salt!

Children’s Sermon Matthew 5:13