Children’s Sermon-Obey Like Noah-Genesis 6:22

Children’s Sermon-Obey Like Noah-Genesis 6:22

Obey Like Noah-Genesis 6:22

Obey Like Noah-Genesis 6:22

Genesis 6:22 – “And Noah did everything that God had commanded him.” Gen. 6:22


  • Diagram/Manual, house plan or a DIY product
  • A photo/visual of Noah and the ark

Children’s Sermon-Obey Like Noah-Genesis 6:22

Hello Kids. Well, how are you all doing? Today, we’re going to talk about someone you may very well know. [Bring out a visual of Noah and the ark]. Do you know him? That’s right. That’s Noah. He is one of the Patriarchs, an Old Testament Bible Character who believed in God and worshiped Him a long, long time ago. Well, sit around and let’s talk about him.

Before diving right into Noah’s story, let me show you this. (Bring out a diagram of DIY product or house plans]. Do you know what this is? [Get comments and explanations from the children themselves if you can.] Well, that’s right. This is a diagram that instructs or teaches you how to build something, Is it important for me to follow this guide or is it okay if I just throw it away? Is it okay if I swap some steps or throw away some parts and just don’t do one of the steps? Is it okay to just assemble and build the product or house as I feel like it? Why not?

That’s right. If I want the result to look like what it should, then I should follow the steps completely and in order. More importantly, If I want a chair that’s safe for me to sit on, then I must pay attention and obey the set instructions on how I am to screw bolts and combine materials together, according to the guide.

Noah Obeys God

Well, going now to Noah, he was like that with God’s instructions. He paid attention to all that God set out for him to do when God asked him to build an ark. Yes, many know him as the man who built this huge ark.

Now, kids, you must remember that when God asked Noah to build a gigantic ark, it was because a great storm and flooding were about to come on earth. At that time, it had never rained. No one knew what ‘rain’ was. Certainly, no one could even imagine what a storm and massive flooding would be like.

The world and the people in it had become greatly evil that there had to be a cleansing. God wanted to deliver Noah (and his family) for he was a man who worshiped, loved, and obeyed God even though the people around him didn’t want to.

Noah was not Crazy

Noah may have seemed crazy to his friends and even though he couldn’t fully understand, he followed God’s instructions completely and exactly. And as a result, he and his loved ones were safely sheltered inside the ark. The ark that he built withstood the heavy rains and waves. It was rightly built.

Kids, sometimes you may not understand why there are so many rules. Remember, there’s a purpose for these things. When God’s Word directs us to do or not do something, it’s for our well being. When our parents or teachers do the same, it’s because they have our best interests in mind. So, trust God’s Word and trust the people and family God has placed over you and have a heart and mind that obeys.

Let’s pray: Dear God, Just like Noah, help me to follow your directions.