Children’s Sermon on Moses – God Chooses People Who Are Different

Children's Sermon On Moses

Children’s Sermon on Moses – God Chooses People Who are Different

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Objective: To teach kids that when God is with them, they can do anything! To build self-esteem in Christ.

Scripture: Exodus 3:11-12 “But Moses said to God, ‘Who am I, that I should go to Pharaoh, and that I should bring the sons of Israel out of Egypt?’ And He said, ‘Certainly I will be with you.'”

Materials: None

Story Outline: Children’s Sermon on Moses

Good morning, boys and girls! Thank you for coming up here with me today!

(Speaking incredulously)

I just heard something that you are not going to believe. You might not believe it either. Do you want to hear about it? You do? Okay, I’ll tell you.

It’s about someone with a speech impediment. Do you know what a speech impediment is?

It’s when someone has a hard time speaking. Sometimes they speak very slowly with a stutter, or sometimes it’s hard to understand.

Do you know anyone with a speech impediment? Maybe you have one yourself.

Well, you won’t believe what I heard. There was a very important job that needed to be done. Someone had to go to speak to a very important leader and convince him to change his mind.

This person definitely had to be a good speaker in order to talk to someone so important, right?

Well, listen to this. Instead of choosing someone who talked fast, or used big words, or maybe someone who liked performing in front of crowds, God chose someone with a speech impediment to do it. Can you believe that?

The person I am talking about is Moses!

Remember Moses from the Bible? Even though Moses said he was not a good speaker, God still chose him to be the one to speak to Pharaoh, a very important leader, and convince him to allow the Israelites to go, and live freely.

Do you think Moses was scared? I think so, too. I think it’s always scary to talk in front of people, even though I do not have a speech impediment. But Moses went because God told him that He would be with him.

I think that’s just amazing. God chose someone who wasn’t perfect to do a very important job. He would be with him and would make him strong.

Sometimes, I’m worried that I’m not good enough to do important things. I worry that I’m not strong enough, or that I don’t look the right way, or that I’m not smart enough to do important things for God.

But God tells us that when He is with us, nothing can stand against us. When God is with us, we can do anything he wants us to do! This week, know that God is with you, and loves you, no matter what.

Children’s Sermon on Moses – God Chooses People Who Are Different