Children’s Sermon Psalm 23 – What We Want

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Children’s Sermon Psalm 23 – What We Want

Children’s Sermon Psalm 23 – What We Want

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Materials: A list written on a piece of paper (if during the holiday season, this could be a Christmas list. Otherwise, it could be a birthday list or just a general list. Examples are listed below but may be changed according to presenter’s personality. One additional piece of paper that just says “Jesus.”)

Story Outline:

Hmm… one moment, boys and girls. I’m almost finished.

(Pretend to be writing one last thing on the notebook or piece of paper you have in your hand.)

There! I think that’s it! Would you like to see what I have here, in my hand? It’s a list!

Have you ever written a list?

Sometimes we write lists before we go to the grocery store, so we won’t forget anything. Sometimes we write to-do lists when we have a lot of things we have to do.

Can you think of any other lists?

That’s right! My birthday is coming up, so I wrote a list of things that I want! I’ll give it to (spouse, family member, or just an elder or another well-known adult in the church) over there so they can get me these things for my birthday.

Let’s see what I have on here…

A fuzzy warm blanket. Doesn’t that sound nice? What else… a new toy to play with when I’m bored… maybe a new bike… these are all things that I want.

I wrote this list, but then I was reading in my Bible this morning in the book of Psalm, chapter 23. I want to share it with you.

It says, “The LORD is my shepherd, I shall not be in want.” I shall not be in want! Did you hear that? The Bible tells us that with the Lord as our shepherd, we will have everything we need or want!

Let’s keep reading… “He makes me lie down in green pastures… he restores my soul, he comforts me… my cup overflows!” So that means instead of a warm fuzzy blanket, I have God to comfort me!

When my soul is restless, when I feel bored, God will restore my soul! When I feel like I don’t have enough, and I want something more… God will show me that he has made my cup overflow. That is amazing!

After I read that, I made a new list. (Flip over to the next piece of paper in your notebook, and show it to the children.)

Can you see what I wrote? Yes! It says, “Jesus.”

Because I know that even though I may see fun toys or comfy blankets in the world, the only thing I really need or want is Jesus. I’m going to carry this list in my pocket, to remind me.

Children’s Sermon Psalm 23 – What We Want