Children’s Sermon – Taste and See! – Psalm 34:8

Children's Sermon - Taste and See - Psalm 34:8

Taste and See! Psalm 34:8

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Psalm 34:8 – Taste and See! – God’s Taste Test

(Experiencing God)

Objective: To illustrate to children that they can personally experience the reality and greatness of God our Father.

Scripture: “Taste and see that the LORD is good.” Psalm 34:8


  1. An appetizing dish, snack, or dessert. Conceal scent of any savory smelling food items in an airtight container or towel wrapping.


  • a new or popular kind of food which people in your area are crazy about.
  • a delicacy or specialty dish of a certain country (sushi, sweet buns, burrito, taco, etc.
  • popular brand of chocolate bars (bring bite-sized packs), or candy, or sausages, or ice cream (bring a sweet ice cream cone?)
  1. Napkins, forks, or any needed cutlery
  2. Word flash card of your food sample
  3. Image/Photo of your food sample

*Remember that taste varies, so choose a type of food that appeals to most children. 


Hello boys and girls! Check out what I have here for us today.

Gather round kids. Everyone all comfy? Alright! Let’s inspect what’s in our bags for today! That’s right! I have two separate bags for you here.

[Unpack your illustrative materials in bag one. Line them up in order of presentation, face down, as follows:

Pile 1: Word flash card of food sample.

Pile 2: Image/Photo of your food sample.

So kids, I’m wondering what would be the first thing that comes to your mind and the first thing you feel after I show you this. (Show a word flash card of, for example, the word C-A-K-E.) (Ask for comments.) Do you like *cake? Does it taste good? Are you thinking right now that it’s delicious?

Now, what about after I show you this. (Show an image of a *cake.) (Ask for comments.) Are you liking this more? Does this photo make you think more of how delicious *cake is right now?

(Pause for a little bit.) Now, let me know what you think and feel about this. (Reveal your food sample.) (Ask for comments. Then, let the kids have a taste of what you brought.)

(Regroup. Call the children to attention.)

You know kids, in some faraway places in the world, there could still be somebody out there who hasn’t tasted *cake yet. If we met someone like that, don’t you think it’s great to introduce that person to the deliciousness of a *cake!

We can show him (or her) this word card so he can know how to spell the word *cake, then explain to him what it is and how delicious it is. We can also show him a photo of a *cake so he can see what it actually looks like. Then, he’ll definitely know that it is delicious. After that, it’s mission accomplished!

That would be enough, don’t you think? (Ask for comments.)

You’re right. It’s even better if we pick out a very delicious kind of *cake and let him taste it for himself. That way, he can actually taste, experience, and know for himself that *cake is really delicious.

You know kids, the Bible tells us to “taste and see that the Lord is good”.

God is good. We can read that from the Bible. We can hear people say that too. That’s all great. God wants you to know that He is good. More importantly, God also wants you to feel and experience that He is good in your own life right now.

You know, the best way to feel and experience that God is good in your life is to pay attention and observe the special things God is already doing for you day in and day out. So think right now, can anyone share some of the ways God has been showing how good He is to you? 

Another great way to feel and experience that God is good in your life is to pray for the things that you need.

We know God answers prayers but prove for yourself that God is listening to (and answering) your prayers by actually talking to Him about what’s on your mind and what you need. So kids, pray for God’s help in taking that test. Pray for God to help you come up with the money you need for that new toy or book. You can also pray for help in making new friends. Pray and see Him answer your prayers.

Keep your eyes open. Look around. Talk to Him. God is showing you that He is good. Taste and see!