Children’s Sermon The Bible Challenge

children's sermon the bible challenge

Children’s Sermon The Bible Challenge

Children’s Sermon The Bible Challenge

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Psalms 119:11:  “I have stored up Your word in my heart, that I might not sin against you.”

The Bible Challenge Lesson Outline

Invite the children to come to the front of the church. Have a table set up with Coke and Pepsi which you will be pouring as the children make their way down. Have the kids line up and taste both the Coke and Pepsi and pick the one they like the best.

Be sure to not tell the children which one is the coke and which one is the Pepsi. When all the children have tasted and voted tell the children and the church which drink has won.

The second part of the challenge is the Bible challenge. The children will be voting on whether they like the Old or New Testament best. 

Have the children listen to the beginning of several Bible stories and then close their eyes and vote for their favorite. Tell the children which story has won and which testament it is from.

The first vote: Would you rather hear a story about a man who survived being thrown into a den of lions, or about a man took two little loaves of bread and two little fish and fed five thousand people with it?

Tell the children which story was the winner and whether it was Old or New Testament.

Second vote: Would you rather hear a story about a man who could walk on water or about a man who was swallowed by a whale?

Third vote: Would you rather hear a story about a boy who killed a giant or a man who raised another man from the dead?

Declare a winner.

Tell the children that different people like different parts and stories in the bible. Just like some of us like Pepsi and some Coke. That is why we read and study the bible. In Sunday School we read marvelous stories from the bible to help us enjoy and learn from the bible. This is one way to become a better Christian.


Dear God, Help me to take the bible challenge and become a better Christian. Amen

Children’s Sermon The Bible Challenge