Children’s Sermon – The Candle And The Sun

children's sermon the candle and the sun

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Story Objective:  This children’s sermon is to teach the children, through this Children’s Sermon, that we can shine through the light of Jesus.  The children can relate the Candle and the Sun to themselves and Jesus.

Revelation 22:16:  I am the root and the descendant of David, the bright and morning star.

The Candle and the Sun lesson outline:

[Material to bring: a flashlight and a candle]

Have the children come to the front of the church.

Hold up the flashlight in one hand and the candle in the other. Ask the children, “Which of these do you think is brighter?”

The children will probably say the flashlight is brighter. You can tell them they’re right. A powerful flashlight is probably brighter than a small candle.

Then ask them what is brighter: the flashlight or the sun?

After they answer – the sun – tell them that Jesus is like the sun. In fact, in the Bible, He is called “The bright and morning star.” Ask them if they know which star shines brightly in the morning.

They might or might not guess that it’s the sun. Explain that the sun is actually a star – the only star in our galaxy and that it shines so brightly because it’s thousands of times closer than any other star.

Jesus is like the sun because he fills our lives with light and life.

Ask if they knew what would happen if the sun suddenly disappeared. They might answer (or you can tell them):

  • It would be dark.
  • It would be cold.
  • Nothing would grow.
  • We wouldn’t have gravity.

Jesus is to our spirits what the sun is to our bodies.

Jesus gives light and warmth to our spirits. He helps our spirits to grow. He keeps us centered on what is right and good. We need God and his son, Jesus, in our lives, just like we need the sun.

Hold up the candle again and ask, “But if Jesus is the sun, what is this candle?”

If they don’t know the answer, point to a child and say, “That candle is you.” Point to another child: “And it’s you.” Another child: “And you.” Point to yourself and say, “This candle is me, too.”

The Bible tells us we are also the light of the world, and that we are supposed to shine our little lights.

[If you have time and would like, you can sing “This Little Light of Mine” with the children.]

Ask the children, “If it was a dark night, what good would a candle be if it was hidden under a basket?” Explain that Jesus has told us we are supposed to shine our light by being an example of his love and telling others about Jesus just like the candle and the sun.

Ask them: “How can you let your little light shine?”

Listen to their answers and add a few of your own:

  • You can shine your light by obeying your parents
  • Inviting friends to church or Sunday school
  • You can shine your light by sharing with your brother or sister or friends
  • By praying for people
  • You can shine your light by helping an elderly neighbor or relative with little jobs

End by saying there are so many ways each one of us can shine our light every day, and that even just a little candle can be seen miles away when it’s dark. “Your light can make a difference in someone’s life and help them to know Jesus.”


Dear God,

Thank you for your son, Jesus, who is the light of the world. We’re thankful that he fills our hearts with light and love. Thank you that we can be little light and shine for you in the things we say and do each day. Help us to be faithful candles for you. Help us remember the Candle and the Sun.  Amen.