Children’s Sermon: God Doesn’t Care What You Wear

children's sermon god doesn't care what you wear

Children’s Sermon: God Doesn’t Care What You Wear – (Photo credit – copyright

Children’s Sermon: God Doesn’t Care What You Wear

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Scripture – Matthew 6:25: “Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear. Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothes?”

COSTUME/DRESS/PROPS: To really get the point across, come to church in your rattiest, dirty clothes you can find. Don’t do your hair, don’t put on makeup, if you have clothes you’ve worn maybe painting or gardening that are dirty or with holes, all the better! (Believe me, you will definitely make an impression on adults as well when you show up dressed like this!) For the more timid, bring the outfit with you and change before storytime.

Act Like a Christian Story Outline:

Explain to the children how you had a hard time getting ready today. Maybe your electricity went out and so you couldn’t shave with your electric razor if you are a man or perhaps you overslept so you didn’t have time to put on your makeup or do your hair. Maybe you had car trouble so you had to work on that and then there was not time to get ready. Be creative in the reason why you are not “dressed up”, really sell it by looking very embarrassed that you are appearing as you are. 

Then lower your head, look sad and say how you probably shouldn’t have even come to church today. Really be sad and forlorn as you say this. Immediately you will see the children perk up and usually, they will start arguing saying “Oh no you SHOULD have! It’s okay! We want you here!” and the like.

(Additionally about this time, the adults will start to squirm a bit and “get it” what you are going to get across, especially the ones that perhaps looked at you and made a remark or thought something negative when you showed up all disheveled!)

As the children begin to protest, perk up a bit. Glance up from the floor a tad bit but not too eagerly. Ask them why it is ok and again reiterate how you are just unsure about being there in your present state.

Ask them why it is okay. Explain that you don’t look pretty, you feel unclean, you don’t aren’t in rich, nicely washed clothes like the others there and not like you usually are. You feel like you made a mistake coming today.

Again, this is where you let the kids chime in or call on ones that seem eager to express why it is ok that you are there.

Little by little, regain your confidence and slowly start to put into words how you are getting it, that it IS okay to be there however you are, the appearance doesn’t matter.

As long as you are wanting to come to God, God wants you to come to him!

Thank the children for realizing that no matter HOW you look, it is always okay, the outward does not matter!! The clothes do not matter! The unshaven face or the uncombed hair does not matter!

God loves us just as we are. He wants us to ACT like a Christian and not judge others based on appearance. He doesn’t want us just DRESS like what we think one should look like.

God is always there for us and loves us, no matter what package we are in! And remind the children never to judge others on their outward appearance as well.

Wrap up with a song to the tune of “Jesus Loves the Little Children.” Hand out a paper to each child “changing” the words this time. (Sing it once normal, then ask them to sing it like this):

Jesus loves all of the people
Dressed up or not he loves us still
Wear what you have and it’s all right
He will love you day and night
Jesus loves all of the people of the world!

Act Like a Christian, Don’t Dress Like One – Written by Donna Foland

Children’s Sermon: God Doesn’t Care What You Wear