Children’s Sermon Do Not Be Afraid

children's sermon do not be afraid

Children’s Sermon Do Not Be Afraid

Children’s Sermon Do Not Be Afraid – Deuteronomy 31:6 sildenafil france prix click here essay siblings relationships free descriptive essays about food papers quantitative and qualitative research methods essay about discipline in nepali language online writing websites source benefits of being bilingual essay source a thesis is source link research papers on health insurance point of sale thesis sample get link see click here follow url macbeth essay superstition self portrait writing assignment quels sont les dangers du viagra click here follow url updating a resume step by step guide to writing an article review Objective:  Don’t be afraid – Teaching children since God is always with them, they can be strong when they have feelings of fear or anxiety.

Don’t Be Afraid – Children’s Sermon

Have the children come to the front of the church.

Ask them what things they are afraid of and discuss.

Tell them that God doesn’t want us to be afraid. God wants us to be brave because He is bigger than any fear we have.

Psalm 27:1 tells us that the Lord is our strength and our light, and so we shouldn’t fear.

Now, we can’t expect to be calm in the face of danger all the time. We aren’t perfect, and there will be times when we can’t help but be scared. But always remember that the Lord is on your side and that He will never leave you or forsake you according to Deuteronomy 31:6.

God makes all things happen for a reason. Even if we have to face our fears, it will help us to be stronger and braver for the next time.

Ask the children if they will now remember to turn to God when they are afraid?

They should (hopefully) shake their heads yes.

Ask them why they are no longer scared. The answer should (hopefully) be something like ‘God will protect me!’

1st John 4:18 says that love drives out all fear. If we love God and trust him, he will protect us from our fears. There is nothing too big or too small for Him to handle.

So instead of living our lives in fear of silly things that can’t really hurt you, we should spend time praising God for keeping us safe and thanking him for his blessings. 

God is certainly not afraid of anything, and we were made in his image.

If you begin to get scared of something, just remember that the Lord is on your side, so what do you have to fear?


Dear God, thank you for keeping us safe and promising to protect us from our fears. We know you are bigger than anything in the world. Help us to be brave and remember how much you love us. Amen

Children’s Sermon – Do Not Be Afraid

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