Children’s Sermon Friendship – Encourage One Another

children's sermon friendship

Children’s Sermon – Friendship

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Have the children come to the front of the church.

Ask them what they think makes a good friend.

Tell them that even though all those traits can be nice, the most important thing a friend can be is encouraging.

If you are encouraging, it means you build others up to help them live for God. Encouraging friends lift you up when you are down and always put you in a brighter mood. God made us to encourage one another so that we can stay on the right track and focus on praising him.

Ask the children if they would want an encouraging friend.

The majority of the answers will (hopefully) be yes.

Tell them that if we want an encouraging friend, we have to BE an encouraging friend.

Hebrews 3:13 says to encourage one another every day so that we won’t be shaken by sin’s deceitfulness. When bad things come our way in life, we might be tempted to give in and turn away from God. But if we encourage our friends and they encourage us, we will all be able to stand stronger for God.

We can encourage others through what we say and do. If we say things that fill our friends with hope, they will have a better attitude towards the bad things in life. We can also do things like hugging our friends and giving them high-fives to encourage them.

Have the children show some examples of encouragement.

You should see some high-fives, hear some uplifting words, etc.

Words and actions can encourage our friends when they are sad and boost their happiness when they are already happy. God wants us to be happy so that we will praise him. But when we are sad, even if no one else encourages us, Jesus is the most encouraging friend of all. He will never leave you, and he promises you hope and love.

So we should try to be a friend like Jesus– encouraging, loving, and loyal. Friendship is a very important part of living for God, and if it is based on encouraging each other, we will be able to stand strong for God.


Dear God, help us to encourage each other with our words and actions. Thank you for friendship, and thank you for being the best friend of all.


Children’s Sermon Friendship – Encourage One Another