Children’s Sermon – God is Always With You

God is Always With You

Children’s Sermon – God is Always With You

Children’s Sermon – God is Always With You

What can the story of Peter Pan’s disappearing shadow teach children about God’s faithfulness? Read on to find out.

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Scripture:  Joshua 1:9 – “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.”

Just Like Your Shadow God is Always With You 

Materials: A well-lit room. A flashlight if the room is not bright enough for a good shadow to be cast. You can also cast a shadow of your hand with it. A copy of the story Peter Pan.

STORY OUTLINE: Ask the children, while holding the book “Peter Pan” if you brought one, how many of them have read the story, Peter Pan. How many have seen the movie?

If most have, talk about what a great story it is, maybe highlight how it’s about a boy who doesn’t want to grow up. Focus on the part about how his shadow gets chopped off. Actually, go to that page if there is a picture in the book that you brought with you.

(If the majority have not seen the movie or perhaps read the book, then this part takes a bit more explaining so be prepared to go more in-depth about the story and then again zero in on the shadow part, as this is the central part of your story.)

Explain how traumatic it was for Peter to suddenly lose his shadow!

Talk about how there are things in your life that you will lose that are not bad and happen naturally. Explain how we will all lose our baby teeth but show your own teeth and say “see they all came back!”. Talk about how when you brushed your hair this morning a few strands fell out naturally.

(You could even tug on your hair and probably a piece would come to be loose on your head to show how they are lost and we never think a thing about it)

If you want, you can always bring props here to illustrate the point more as well, that is entirely up to the storyteller. Good ideas to use if available are a baby tooth of your child you have saved, hair from a hairbrush, etc.

Now, return to the story of the shadow. Explain how the moment you were born, you had a shadow. Talk about how if you are inside, you still have a shadow, on a cloudy day, even if it doesn’t appear super strong there is still a shadow. Even in a dark room, you still HAVE a shadow, you just might not see it since it’s dark. But it didn’t leave you.

Then tell the children that God is exactly like our shadow.

He is with you even before you are born. God is with you the minute you breathe your first breath, the minute you come into the world. He is with you everywhere you go, even if you can’t “see” God, He is there.

God is with you everywhere! Just like your shadow, the story of Peter Pan cannot happen – your shadow can never be taken from you. It cannot be chopped off! And like your shadow, God can never leave you either! No matter what you do or where you go.

And whenever they look down at their shadow, this can always be a reminder that God is with them. Anytime they wonder, look at their shadow and this will be something that can show them that He is.

Finish with a song like “This Little Light of Mine” and use the flashlight over different kids to show their shadow!

Children’s Sermon – God is Always With You